Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hi everyone - I think it is Tuesday, but not sure. The weather is a little rough ---no---a lot rough. It has been raining today. It has always been Camelot before - "Always rains after sundown" but today it is raining and windy. We took an interesting walk along the sea and watched the waves. We didn't get any good pictures 'cause the waves would't come when we had the camera ready. Just believe me, it is very impressive. We are going to cook in tonight. We have done so 5 or 6 times and that has been fun. Jim got some interesting looking pasta and we will experiment with that.
If you hear HGTV say that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses - not here. Here it is location, location, location. Our bathroom is about 3 ft by 4 ft and you can multitask while taking a shower by wathching the ships and the sea. The kitchen is only slightly larger and I certainly woudn't want to cook Thanksgiving dinner in that.
Love ya
Mag & Jim

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